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Most pain medications that are useful for treating moderate to severe issues in humans are available in OTC (over-the-counter) prescriptions. Doctors mostly provide such medicine to treat the issue of arthritic, muscle strains and headaches. The on-label use of pain relief pills is to increase the tendency of chemicals to fight chronic and acute pain issues. Some health professionals may also prescribe pain-relief pills to overcome the pain that occurs after surgery or trauma.

What is the work of pain relievers?

Pain relievers are there to make you feel less rigid due to the ongoing condition of pain. It means that the drug will ease up your discomfort level that has been occurred due to some illness, surgical procedure, chronic pain or an injury. Note that every person’s pain condition may differ from one another. In some cases, the pain can be acute or chronic that may last for a period of 6 months or more.

There can be many versions of pain relief medication that are easily available on the market. They go by the names – analgesics, pain medicine, narcotics and painkillers. We advise people to purchase any such medicine after getting its proper consultation from a doctor. It promotes good health and keeps you sidetrack from the alternative effects of the medication.

What are the various types of pain relievers?

While most of you may like to purchase a drug without any recommendation, note that there are various options available at the drug store. If you are not aware of the type of drug you need as per your condition, usage of any other medicine will indirectly affect your health. Thus, taking reference from a health advisor will make you determine the right drug for your pain condition.

Types of pain-relieving medications –

Over-the-Counter – These types of medications are extremely effective and also harmful at the same time. It is necessary for you to take the drug in the lowest effective dose that does not incur any side effects. In addition, OTC medicines are usually prescribed for adults and not children. Most commonly available OTC medications include the following –

Acetaminophen: There are many drugs that use the formula of Acetaminophen to enhance the effect of their medicine. Some doctors also prescribe the drug in addition to other drugs. It is mainly because Acetaminophen or Tylenol effect is not effective as other pain-relieving medications.

Combination: Some of the medication available in the market consists of Acetaminophen and another highly effective substance like an opioid drug in its formation. They can be like – Tramadol, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and others. Some of the OTC medications for headaches also consist of caffeine in its formation, such as – Fioricet.

NSAIDs: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as NSAIDs are popularly known for lowering the production of prostaglandins. It is said that they act like a hormone in your system that works effectively to suppress the severe conditions of pain.

Gels or ointments: These are the type of pain-relieving medication that one can use directly onto their skin. Often they are available in the following forms –spray, cream, gel, or patch. Applying it to the affected area will provide a cooling effect that will penetrate through your skin and provide relief from the ongoing pain.

Prescription Medicine – For patients suffering from major issues of pain, there are some drugs that are only available as per the prescription of a professional health expert. They might be easily available in a drug store, but you may not be able to purchase them without getting receiving a proper medical prescription. The popular ones can be – antidepressants, muscle relaxers, opioids, and others.

What are some other treatments for pain?

Though there might be various medications and other solutions available in the market to get relief from pain, you need to seek help from a doctor first. Taking a drug for recreational use may fall prey to the health of your system. Therefore, it is advisable to get the medication as per your doctor’s advice.

There are some other ways as well that may help you suppress the feeling of pain. If the pain occurring in your body is acute, you may apply a rectal gel or spray on the affected area. It is a method with no side effects and gives relief from the pain in less time. Make sure you follow the procedure that is written on the outer packaging of the drug.

Other than the spray and ointment, you can also apply the use of a lidocaine patch over the affected area for pain relief. If you are unable to get relief from the pain, make sure you have been using it in the right direction. Elsewhere, if the pain is severe, we advise you to consult a health advisor before applying to its usage.

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